Unelko Offers High Performance Glass & Restoration Products for All Commercial and Residential Glass

Unelko Commercial Glass

Commercial Glass Coatings

The Invisible Shield® and Invisible Shield® PRO 15 Glass Coatings and REPEL® Dual- Action Cleaner/Coatings have been proven most effective against the ongoing deterioration and degradation of residential and commercial glass. Manufacturers of flat glass, windows, facades,  partitions, mirrors, shower doors, tile, windshields, marine and solar glass can now offer a better product by protecting glass against harmful effects of the environment, degradation and corrosion to further enhance the appearance and extend the life of glass. Invisible Shield and Invisible Shield PRO 15 can be pre-applied to glass during manufacture or easily applied by professional contractors in the field to protect existing glass as a value-added preservation, easy- clean solution. DIY products are available for individual- use applications as well. For more information, visit www.glasscareexperts.com.

Unelko Janitorial

Commercial Cleaning Products & Microbe-resistant Coating Technologies

Clean-X® professional products stand apart from other industrial cleaners, disinfectants and microbe-resistant coating technologies .  Sani-Shield®, Sani-Scrub®, and REPEL® products are just some of the brands from the Clean-X line that are building a well-deserved reputation within the industrial/ commercial cleaning markets as true time and labor savers. The products are 1-step cleaners, deodorizers and protective coatings that impart a microbiostatic, bacteriostatic, fungistatic and algaestatic agent to mitigate microorganisms such as odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew on all commercial, institutional and residential surfaces. They enhance disinfection processes and  ATP/Luminometer readings validate a cleaner surface ongoing with Sani-Shield opposed to only disinfecting. The microbe-resistant coatings improve surface hygiene and appearance while reducing time, labor & maintenance.  REPEL is a cleaner/coating technology that makes cleaning and maintaining glass effortless. You’ll never use an old-fashioned glass cleaner again! For more information, visit www.cleanxprofessional.com.

Unelko Household

Household / Residential Cleaning Products

Unelko focuses on offering advanced cleaners and protection products that provide new, practical solutions to old problems.  Clean-X® Invisible Shield®, Eliminate® and REPEL® products are proven over many years to provide a cleaner surface in the home.  The patented & green compliant surface care products enhance the performance and appearance of a broad range of surfaces within your household, and by using these products, ordinary surfaces are transformed into high performance water, soil and stain repellent surfaces. Today, professionals, consumers and moms alike know, by using Clean-X products they can eliminate scrubbing and the need to use harsh chemicals while cutting cleaning time in half. For more information visit www.cleanxproducts.com.

Unelko Solar

Solar Protection

Through extensive research and development, Unelko now offers Solar Shield® products specifically designed to clean and protect solar panels. They offer invisible, long lasting, and renewable protection for the preservation, enhancement and energy efficiency of solar panels. For more information, visit www.shieldsolarpanels.com.

Unelko Transportation

Automotive / Transportation Cleaning and Protection

The Glass Science® products deep clean, protect & maintain all types of vehicular glass, plastics, fiberglass, & other surfaces to actively repel rain, sleet, snow & ice on contact…it protects surfaces against the elements and the adhesion & build-up of dirt, grime, stains, salt, & minerals for dramatically reduced and easier cleaning. Now you can have perfect visibility & clarity and improved appearance on transparencies such as windshields, side and rear windows, canopies, mirrors, headlights, trim and other surfaces. For more information, visit www.glassscience.com.

Setting the Standard

Unelko is known for its surface coatings, microbe-resistant coating technologies and newly patented “dual-action” cleaners which set the world’s standard for quality, durability and performance. Unelko is committed to offering the industry’s finest glass cleaning, protection and aftercare products.

Contact a Unelko representative for additional product information so we can tailor a surface protection program suited to your needs.