Unelko has a long history of developing specialty “dual action” cleaners, effective stain removers and durable protective coatings for a variety of hard surfaces within the commercial, institutional and residential markets.  The products Clean, Shield and Protect surfaces with an invisible, (nano-scale) water, soil, and stain repellent barrier that preserves and protects the surface to reduce re-soiling and stains and extend its useful life and appearance.  The products make cleaning easier, save time, labor and the cost of cleaning while improving cleanliness.  The products are easy to use and have widespread application on glass, porcelain, ceramics, chrome, stainless steel, plastics, laminates, granite, marble and synthetic surfaces.

Unelko patented one of the first protective coatings and developed the Original Rain-X® “Automotive Glass Treatment” for improved visibility, safety and driving comfort.  Unelko developed the Invisible Shield® brand of Protective Coatings for all commercial and residential glass including shower doors, windows, doors, facades, partitions, mirrors and to protect sanitary fixtures including sinks, tubs, tile, counters, toilets and numerous appliances. Unelko has also developed and patented innovative “dual action” cleaner/coatings trademarked Sani-Shield®, Sani-Scrub® and Repel® that simultaneously clean and protect surfaces in one step.  Unelko has marketed the products to glass and sanitary manufactures, fabricators and end users to world-wide prominence.

For easier ongoing cleaning and to prevent constant re-soiling, staining, and the drudgery of daily cleaning and scrubbing!  Also, for improved cleanliness and to improve the long-term appearance and life of the surface.

Unelko’s products are predicated on the fact that even hard surfaces are like sponges; they have microscopic pores that trap hard water, organic & inorganic soil, stains, environmental contaminates, air born pollution and microbes that build up to form stains & films which are difficult to remove and degrade the surface.  The films/stains are unsightly, unhealthy and require harsh cleaners and abrasives to remove which are caustic, corrosive and further damage the surface.  By sealing the pores of a surface with a durable, hydrophobic, water, soil & stain repellent finish, you block out stains, inhibit re-soiling and other films from penetrating and sticking to the surface for a cleaner surface, improved appearance and extended life.

Sani-Shield is a 1 step cleaner, deodorizer and protective coating that imparts an antimicrobial silicone quaternary ammonium compound and water & soil repellent barrier coating to all hard & soft surfaces.  The product cleans with the power of Hydrogen Peroxide and bonds an invisible, antimicrobial barrier coating that provides microbiostatic, algaestatic and fungistatic properties on which odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi stains with not grow in between cleaning. The products are recommended to be used in conjunction with traditional disinfectants as a pre-cleaner, surface deodorizer, and antimicrobial coating to further preserve the surface and inhibit the growth of odor causing microbes.

Yes, the active ingredient, 3-Trimethoxysilyl Propyldimethyl Octadecyl Ammonium Chloride in Sani-Shield and other Unelko’s cleaner & coating products contain an EPA registration under Interface 72 MUP (EPA Reg. No. 71973-3). Coating and treated articles are exempt from registration under 40 CFR 152.25 (a). Unelko makes no public health claims and its products do not protect users or others against food-borne (or disease causing) bacteria.

An “antibacterial” destroys or “kills” bacteria, virus and other germs (on contact subject to various dwell times depending upon the type of pesticide and strength of the product). EPA allows one to make certain public health claims and statements for these types of products such as “Kills 99.9% of Germs in seconds”.  This type of pesticide needs to carry EPA registration for each product and formula.

An “antimicrobial” provides a bacteriostatic, algae static, and a positive charge on the surface which destroys microbes by prohibiting/preventing the multiplication or growth of certain bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, parasites, soft shell viruses etc.  Once cannot make “kill” or public health claims for these types of pesticides. An EPA registered antimicrobial can be incorporated into/ onto various end use products such as cleaners, building materials, paints, plastics, fabrics and a host of other products to “inhibit or prevent the growth” of various microbes.

By the condensation, cross-linking and polymerization of the cationic organosilane quaternary monomers on the simultaneously cleaned and primed surface; very much like paints, acrylics, polyester and other clear coat coatings, form and bond to a surface.

Many of them can be applied to or incorporated into manufactured products listed below for use in industrial, institutional, commercial or residential locations for non-food contact uses. For all Glass, Porcelain, Ceramics, Plastics, Fiberglass, Metals, Stone, Granite, Fabrics and many and other surfaces.

Yes! When bonded to a surface, the barrier coating is unaffected by washing with soaps, solvents or detergents that would not otherwise etch or damage an uncoated version of the same surface. They are even resistant to removal with concentrated sulfuric acid, 50% sodium hydroxide solutions and sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach).

They will last as long as the underlying surface remains intact or until the coating is physically abraded from the surface.

The use of Sani-Shield and Sani-Scrub “barrier” cleaners promote a safe and ecological method of cleaning! They are user and economically friendly products that make surfaces easier to clean. They eliminate the need for excess chemicals, release no fumes or gases, require no pre-cleaning, require no flooding of the surface, require no dwell time, and require no gloves or masks.

Applied properly and with periodic, light maintenance, the coatings can last from months to many years in the field.  Like all coatings or paints, durability is dependent upon the initial application, degree of exposure, ongoing maintenance and abrasion to the surface. On high contact, interior surfaces such as shower glass, Invisible Shield should be applied more often and should be cleaned on a weekly basis commensurate with use and exposure to dirt, grime, soap scum or minerals.  On exterior windows, Unelko’s Invisible Shield Coatings have been known to last up to 15 years with a light, routine maintenance program. The Coatings are unaffected by washing with non-abrasive soaps, solvents or detergents.

No, in fact, none of Unelko’s products have a shelf life. The formula in its packaging will perform the same many years from now as it does today!

Setting the Standard

Unelko is known for its surface coatings, microbe-resistant coating technologies and newly patented “dual-action” cleaners which set the world’s standard for quality, durability and performance. Unelko is committed to offering the industry’s finest glass cleaning, protection and aftercare products.

Contact a Unelko representative for additional product information so we can tailor a surface protection program suited to your needs.

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